Personal development

The career guidance course for teenagers includes testing to identify strengths and weaknesses, selecting a suitable profession, and assisting with writing motivational letters and resumes. Personal development is aimed at helping teenagers find their path and successfully start their career development.

Our career guidance course helps teenagers decide on their future profession. We organize workshops, lectures, and meetings with professionals from various fields to give children an understanding of different careers and help them choose the path that best matches their interests and abilities.

Career Guidance Course

Providing children the opportunity to identify their talents and interests for a successful career choice.

Leadership Course

Developing leadership skills to promote personal growth and influential participation in society.

University Admission Assistance Course

Systematic support in preparing for admission to higher education institutions, including document preparation and interviews.

Who is Eligible?

Children displaced due to the war

Children injured during the war

Children who lost one or two parents due to the war

Children of Ukrainian military


Children from large families

Children deprived of parental care

Children separated from their families

Know a child/family in need of help