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At «Hope Children of Ukraine», we respect your personal data and use it very carefully. Please read our Privacy Policy.

The company «Hope Children of Ukraine» has developed the following Privacy Policy («Privacy Policy») regarding the use of personal information that you leave on the website (hereinafter – «Site»).

Collection of information

«Hope Children of Ukraine» receives access to your personal information that you leave on the Site when filling out contact forms or inquiry forms, or sending us an email. This information is used for Click Ukraine to contact you to respond to your inquiries. In addition, your information may be used to:

  • Site personalization. «Hope Children of Ukraine» may use your information to personalize the Site by selecting and displaying content that we believe may be useful to you. This will allow you to get more practical benefits.
  • Demographic data. Hope Children of Ukraine may use your personal information to collect demographic data such as the location and inquiries of our existing and potential customers.
  • Customer communication. «Hope Children of Ukraine» may provide you with information related to a business account if you become a client of the company.

Use of cookies

«Hope Children of Ukraine» uses cookies on its website. These are small text files with tags that are stored on your device in the browser directory or software subfolders. They allow «Click Ukraine» to recognize you and provide information that may be useful to you based on previous inquiries.

Cookies can be used as follows:

  • To personalize the site. Cookies are used to show you useful and interesting content.
  • Site statistics. Each visitor has a unique cookie file, which is subsequently used to calculate the size of the audience and the number of repeated visits to the Site.
  • Analysis of user behavior. Cookies provide valuable information that can be used to improve the Site, update existing ones and implement new functions. As a result, visitors to the Site will receive better, more useful content and services.

Classification of cookies used on the Site:

  • Basic cookies: this category is necessary to provide basic services and access certain sections of the Site.
  • Analytical cookies that help collect statistical data related to the use of the Site.
  • Social media cookies used to interact with you through social media sites including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. They make it easy to share content on social media platforms.

By using the Site, you agree to the use of cookies in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Usually, web browsers automatically accept cookies. However, you can configure your browser so that all cookies will be canceled or you will be informed about their presence. To enable, disable or delete cookies, follow the instructions provided by your browser, usually found under the Tools, Help or Edit tabs. Disabling a cookie or cookie category does not delete a cookie previously stored in your browser, so you will need to delete it manually.

Please note: if your browser blocks all cookies, including basic cookies, you may not be able to access the Site or some parts of it.

If you need more information about cookies, visit this website:

This section will be updated periodically to reflect changes in the cookies we use. Please visit the Privacy Policy page regularly for up-to-date information.

Personal data

«Hope Children of Ukraine» does not disclose personal data to third parties.


«Hope Children of Ukraine» uses standard security procedures to protect your personal information that we receive through this Site. We protect information from unauthorized disclosure, use, alteration or destruction. However, remember that Internet security is not perfect, so transmitting data over the Internet can be dangerous.

Privacy related to children and minors

This Site is designed for an adult audience and is not intended for use by children under the age of 10.

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