Frequently asked questions

Can I enroll in a free course if I am not from a combat zone?

Yes, if you belong to any other unprotected category of the population (for example, children from large families, a child of combatants, a child who has lost one or both parents, a child deprived of parental care).

What is required to enroll in the course?

First, provide documentation certifying your status.
Then, take a test to determine your current level of English.
Then, write and submit a motivational letter.
Once you have done these three, you can complete your application. We will notify you about your enrollment.

What language level do you need?

You can start “from scratch” or any other level. Our test will determine what group would be the best fit for your level of English.

What days and times are classes held?

It depends on which group you are in. We choose a time that is convenient for our students and teachers.

Do you have additional questions?