Free English Courses for Children of War

Ensuring access to free and quality English courses for children to broaden their communication opportunities and open new perspectives.

Course description

Educational Direction

In the educational direction, Hope – Children of Ukraine focuses its efforts on organizing English language learning for children affected by the war. We believe that mastering English opens up many opportunities for a better future, and our online school is designed to provide every child with access to the necessary knowledge and skills.

Our online English school offers free courses for children aged 11 to 17. We engage qualified teachers who conduct interactive lessons, allowing children to effectively learn the language and communicate with peers. Through our courses, children gain a solid knowledge of English, which opens doors to better educational and career opportunities in the future.

Educational Materials and Resources

We provide children with all the necessary educational materials, including textbooks, notebooks, e-books, and access to online platforms. This enables them to study effectively and develop their English language skills.

Individual Support

We also consider the individual needs of each child and provide additional support when necessary. This may include individual consultations with teachers and special programs for children with special needs.

Our goal is to create an educational environment where every child feels valued and supported and has every chance for a successful future thanks to their knowledge of English.

Who is Eligible?

Children displaced due to the war

Children injured during the war

Children who lost one or two parents due to the war

Children of Ukrainian military


Children from large families

Children deprived of parental care

Children separated from their families

Key principles

Free Access and Inclusivity

To ensure that all children, regardless of their financial status, have the opportunity to receive a quality education.

Empathy and

To create a warm and supportive environment where every child feels that their story matters and receives the necessary psychosocial support.

Innovative Teaching Methods

To implement modern teaching methodologies and interactive approaches for effective English language learning.

Collaboration and Development

To actively collaborate with the community, teachers, volunteers, and partners for continuous improvement and expansion of the project’s impact.

How the learning process will take place

Training format

Remote lessons twice a week 


After each lesson, you will receive homework 


The teacher will check your work and provide detailed feedback


If you do not have the necessary equipment, we will provide you with a laptop and headset

Have a few questions?

Success Stories

Nadiya 14 years


Daryna 13 років


Ivan 16 years


Veronica 14 years


Nikita 17 years


Liza 10 років


Yan 17 years


How to Get Started

Step 1

You fill out the application and take a small placement test.

Step 2

We check whether you meet the established criteria for receiving assistance.

Step 3

If you are eligible, our teacher selects a group for you based on your level of English.

Step 4

You start learning English with your group!

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